Here are links to the websites of many of our Family Collaborative partners:


LINK: Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) is a public/private partnership created by the State of Georgia and funders from the private sector. We assist communities in addressing the serious challenges facing Georgia’s children and families. We also serve as a resource to state agencies across Georgia that work to improve the conditions of children and families.



The Catoosa Prevention Initiative’s (CaPI) primary focus is to create and nurture a community coalition, which will eventually include prevention strategies for all substances of abuse. We are striving to create a movement where “prevention” and “treatment” providers in our county and surrounding areas meet in the middle, providing each other with support and filling needs where there are gaps. We are also working to create an environmental change that will impact our community at large, stimulating healthy families and lives.

LINK: Partnership 2000 is the Business-In-Education program of Catoosa County. Partnership began in 1988 and is sponsored by the Catoosa County Board of Education. The school system and the community had a genuine desire to lower the county’s dropout rate.  Through collaborative efforts with our local business, community, and school sectors, as well as our county’s Communities In Schools program and The Family Collaborative, our goal is to continue our growth in all areas to allow us to meet all the needs of our students and work hard to cooperatively enhance the overall education of those young people.


LINK: The Catoosa County Health Department is committed to protecting and improving the health of the more than 62,000 residents of Catoosa County. Through a variety of programs, community partnerships and services, we oversee environmental health, disease control and community and family health.
Mission Statement:  We are a caring healthcare team working to improve the quality of life through education, disease prevention and world-class quality services.


LINK: The Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce is the visionary leader of business unified to promote and enhance the future of commerce and community development in Catoosa County and the surrounding region.


LINK: Promoting the traditional music sounds of Appalachia in our youth is the major focus of the Share America Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, operating from Catoosa County, Georgia.


LINK: Four Points, Inc. is a non-profit agency offering services associated with the legal system to families involved in change due to domestic violence. Domestic violence in the state of Georgia includes spousal abuse, elder abuse and child abuse.